Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One-of-a-kind Pendant

So many stones so little time...... I have a weakness for pretty stones. It is so much fun to take a slab of stone and cut and polish until a gem appears. I'm never sure how a stone will turn out because as I cut it, the stone changes. In the picture below I am using my lapidary machine. As you can see, I hold the stone by hand onto the rotating laps. The laps start out very coarse and I continually change them to finer grits until there is a shiny polish.

I do enjoy having my hand in each part of the jewelry making process. I wasn't content to buy pendants and then incorporate them into necklaces. No... I had to learn lapidary and wirewrapping. Each process is quite time consuming, but there is such satisfaction in holding a completed necklace and knowing that I worked at each step!

The stone pictured above is Sage Amethyst. It has a bluish cast to it. It reminds me of a snowy winter day. It would look lovely with so many outfits. Very versatile. The pendant and heavy sterling chain is $109.00.

When you look at my jewelry, you can be sure that I have enjoyed each process and have done it to the best of my ability. It's a joy to share my creations with you!