Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Dress Saga 2

Below is the pattern for my new dress. I've taken the liberty of putting two patterns together. The top and skirt will be the same color, cocoa. It looks the color of cocoa mix before water is added. The collar, sleeves, and a border at the bottom of the blouse will be a sheer chiffon of a slightly darker color.

Jennifer is working hard at this project! She is such a sweet friend.

So, of course I needed to make a new set of jewelry to go with the new dress. Again, I've used the new wire wrapping techniques that I have been enjoying. The necklace has a smoky quartz oval in the middle. The gold-filled frame has Swarovski pearls and crystals wrapped onto it. I've named it "Romantic Dream Necklace."

To complete the set I made earrings, a two stranded bracelet, and even tried my hand at making a ring! This ring is the third one I made. The other two are still great, but not quite the look I was wanting. The ring is shown on the fabric swatches from the fabric of my dress. I hadn't made rings before, but it's so much fun. I'm sure you'll be seeing more rings from me!

Just two more weeks until Jonathan and Johanna will tie the knot! May God richly bless them with His joy, love, and peace.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding Dress Saga

I thought I had a wedding dress all picked to wear to our son's wedding. So, I made the necklace shown here. I had so much fun making the necklace. It is Cubic Zirconia, Pearls and Gold-filled wire. I made the frame from wire, hammered it and then wired all the CZs and pearls to it. It really shimmers!

But, then I had Philip take photos of me in the dress. I made a decision. Pink is definitely not my color. I knew that. But was settling for this dress anyway. It's not easy finding a dress that fits when you are almost 6 feet tall!

Thankfully, I am being rescued by my dear friend, Jennifer. She is a wonderful seamstress and has offered to make a custom fit dress for me to wear to the wedding! So, while she is doing that, I'll be designing some new jewelry. Guess I'll offer the pink one for sale.

I returned the pink dress today! I will NOT be a big pink blob!