Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding Dress Saga

I thought I had a wedding dress all picked to wear to our son's wedding. So, I made the necklace shown here. I had so much fun making the necklace. It is Cubic Zirconia, Pearls and Gold-filled wire. I made the frame from wire, hammered it and then wired all the CZs and pearls to it. It really shimmers!

But, then I had Philip take photos of me in the dress. I made a decision. Pink is definitely not my color. I knew that. But was settling for this dress anyway. It's not easy finding a dress that fits when you are almost 6 feet tall!

Thankfully, I am being rescued by my dear friend, Jennifer. She is a wonderful seamstress and has offered to make a custom fit dress for me to wear to the wedding! So, while she is doing that, I'll be designing some new jewelry. Guess I'll offer the pink one for sale.

I returned the pink dress today! I will NOT be a big pink blob!


Karen said...

I think you look beautiful just the same. May the Lord bless the day and this new couple as they begin life as husband and wife.

Janine said...

Thank you, Karen! And I pray the same.