Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who Are You Listening To?

My husband and I went to Longwood Gardens last weekend. It was so beautiful!! The tulips were amazing. And planted in such gorgeous ways. Large patches of similar colors and varieties together. Almost like a patchwork quilt in some places.

And then there was this one red tulip in the field of fuchsia ones. I wondered how in the world that ever happened. Everything at Longwood is done with such precision....perfection. Did it happen by accident? Or did they intend to make us smile? Or maybe one rogue Longwood employee enjoyed a joke?

No matter how it got there, it did bring a smile to my face and we enjoyed the proud way that the red tulip swayed in the wind above the others. But it made me think. Often I feel like that lone tulip. Like I never quite measure up. That I'm not good enough. Or that I'll never make the team.

But why do I feel that way?! God is so gentle and kind. He keeps working in my soul....drawing me closer to Him. He loves me....more than I can ever grasp....so much that He gave His all on the cross for me. He has made me whole, complete and clean. Because of Jesus, I have been reconciled to Him. So, God is not the one that is making me feel that way.

So, is it people? When I think of those around me, they are so kind and loving. I have been blessed with a family that loves me and encourages me. My friends are the best. Yes, I have been hurt by others, but all in all, I have been blessed. Those around me seem to build me up.

Is it society? I don't fit in in many ways with society. I really am like that red tulip. But do I care what society thinks of me? Not really. :)

So, who am I listening to when I feel like I don't measure up...like I am a failure...like I'll never be good enough? It is that lying serpent. He's been doing this since the Garden of Eden. And I still fall for it! Satan, the accuser of our souls, is active in our minds. He loves to make me insecure and depressed. He loves to see me squirm. He knows that I am God's child...His beloved Princess. And yet Satan can make me live in defeat if I listen to his messages.

I suppose most of you fuchsia tulips out there learned this lesson long ago. But this tall, red tulip feels lighter and blessed today! I don't have to listen to those thoughts anymore. God has made me His own and He loves me!

So, who are you listening to today?