Friday, October 9, 2009

Dream Big

I dream about things I want to do. Then I think, no, I should just be content. But I think it's good to dream, as long as you are also content. lol.

So, I made this pendant from fine silver. To me it says, "It's okay to dream. Go ahead and dream big. And while you are at it, go for it. Maybe you'll actually see those dreams fulfilled."

That's how I feel about being a jewelry artist. I always dreamed about being able to sell my work and see others enjoying it, and it has become a reality! I'm so grateful to those around me that allowed me to dream and go for it.

The beautiful, lustrous pearl just adds beauty to an already lovely thought. Enjoy dreaming!

If you are interested in this item, please email me at You can also see more of my work on Facebook.