Friday, April 25, 2008

Onyx Silver Swirls

I've finished the swirl set! I started out with 18 gauge wire and made a shape like the one I had sketched. Then I forged the wire by hammering it flat, which also made it very reflective. The onyx beads were added by wiring them in place with 28 gauge wire. I love the way the pendant looks with the onyx beads that I added to the sterling silver chain. Of course, I had to have earrings to match, so I made them with handmade earwires.

I decided that it looked great with another shirt too. It was so much fun to create this set with just wire, onyx beads, chain and my tools. What satisfaction to create something that I can enjoy wearing and matches my new clothes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shopping & Creating

I needed to buy some new clothes so I can look great for my oldest son's college graduation next week! So, I found this beautiful shirt that has black swirls in it. Of course, I want to design my own jewelry to go with it. I'm enjoying learning how to do more wirework. I sketched out how I want the pendant to look. I'll make it out of sterling silver wire and onyx. It'll be fun to make something to go with this outfit!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Marine Recruit

Our son called home last night from Marine boot camp! He had earned a phone call because he tied for first during rifle shooting qualifications. He's an expert! I'm so proud. In one way it's strange to think of my little boy shooting. I mean, I resisted any toy guns in our house for years. Our sons finally got toy rifles at a Civil War reenactment, many thanks to their grandparents. ;) All these years I taught him to not fight and now he's a warrior. But you know, if anyone is going to protect our great country, I want it to be an expert rifleman. I know our boy will do his best to keep us safe. Oh God, please keep him safe too!

So, how does this relate to jewelry? I guess there are other jewels than just the ones we wear. One of my jewels is my son, the soon to be Marine. Oooo Rah!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello Everyone!

A dreary day here. But still creative. I'm thinking of ways to create a stargazer lily pendant. There is such intricate detail in each lily. Praising God today for His creativity!