Friday, April 25, 2008

Onyx Silver Swirls

I've finished the swirl set! I started out with 18 gauge wire and made a shape like the one I had sketched. Then I forged the wire by hammering it flat, which also made it very reflective. The onyx beads were added by wiring them in place with 28 gauge wire. I love the way the pendant looks with the onyx beads that I added to the sterling silver chain. Of course, I had to have earrings to match, so I made them with handmade earwires.

I decided that it looked great with another shirt too. It was so much fun to create this set with just wire, onyx beads, chain and my tools. What satisfaction to create something that I can enjoy wearing and matches my new clothes.


Pyrose said...

The jewelry looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing them with the shirt that inspired this project originally. How long did it take to hammer all of that out?

Anonymous said...

What A Incredible Artist! I Fall In Love With Every Handcrafted Piece I See.
Everything Is So Unique,You Do Such A Great Job.

Stephanie said...

Wow you have a gift, the set turned out beautiful! It will be stunning with your outfit!

niki said...

the swirls are gorgeous! and the etsy mini is a nice touch!! glad i could help,
much love
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