Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Beauty of Custom Designs

A dear man once emailed me and asked if I would make a custom design for him. His lovely girlfriend had just lost her mother. He wanted to do something special for her. Could I make a hummingbird pendant? Her mother had loved hummingbirds and he wanted this pendant to commemorate her life.

Well, I had not done any custom pendants before. And I had never done a hummingbird. But I was willing to try! I was so nervous as I sat in my studio and began the hummingbird. I actually prayed, "Lord, this man wants to have something special for this friend of his that is grieving. Please help me."

This picture shows the results! I was pleased and surprised, and know that the Lord gave me the vision and the ability for the piece. My customer was pleased as well!

So, custom work....I used to be reluctant to do it. But now, if you have an idea, run it by me. Who knows what will come of it!


Yvonne said...

Aunt Janine, this piece is stunning and how could you ever doubt yourself? You always do a fantastic job!
I have a challenge for you. As you know Gibson is autistic and we are involved with Berks/Lebanon County support groups that would see your work on me. The symbol of autism is a puzzle piece because the cause and cure is a mystery and we are putting back the pieces of it together with God's help. Anyways, I had often wanted a puzzle piece pendant but they are so boring. I would love mine personalized with Gibson's birthstone which is Emerald. I would love to see some sketches if you have any ideas. It would be a big seller I'm sure. Just an idea.

Shirley said...

I can hardly see through the tears in my eyes. I love your blog more every time I read it. And, I love our Marine. What happened to the little boy we used to know? Glad to hear he is still a rascal. Are you working on a lilly creation as planned? Today I am wearing my hummingbird creation and a woman admired it. She couldn't believe you created it. I gave her one of your brochures. Wish the world could see your work. SJU