Monday, July 7, 2008

Jewelry for My Mom

It's been so much fun making jewelry for our son's wedding! My lovely mother is wearing a blue and white dress. So here is the jewelry I made to match her dress. I mailed the jewelry to her, and I can't wait to see her in it!

And, don't tell anyone, but I was tempted to keep it for myself. Of course, Matt, my dear husband, would tell you that I usually am.

Thankfully, I'll get to see these pieces again on my wonderful mom! Can't wait to see you again, Mom.


Pyrose said...

Your mom looks so wonderful in her dress. The jewelry will look so great with that. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her in the dress with the jewelry. And I'm also looking forward to lots of wedding pictures too.

Anonymous said...

I love this set, your mum is so lucky to have a talent like you making the jewelry for the wedding.

Heather said...

I agree! your mom looks amazing!!! I can so picture that jewelry and the outfit together. Perfect!!! you have amazing talent! WOW!

Thanks for my comment. you are too sweet!!!

corra liew said...

Oh wow what a masterpiece!!! You ought to tell us what she'd said!!!