Friday, September 5, 2008

Hide and Seek

My wonderful hubby loves to play "Hide and Seek." But not the usual child's game. Geocaching is the high tech version. As Matt loves to say, "Geocaching is using multi-million dollar technology to find Tupperware containers in the woods." It's amazing really. People have hidden containers all over the world for others to find with their GPS. It's fun!

But I must admit that what I really like about it is spending time with Matt and hiking through the woods. It's how we spent hours on Labor Day. Strolling through the woods with family and friends and appreciating God's beautiful creation, what more could I want?
Philip had fun too and Emily enjoyed having a ride on his big shoulders!

For more information about geocaching you can go to
Do any of you go geocaching too?


Heather said...

That sounds amazing! i would love to do that .. or just enjoy some hiking. It has been so long!!! Great pics and I am so glad you had fun with him. Sounds like a special time enjoying Gods masterpieces:)

Erin said...

Hey, I'm getting ready to write a blog post about geocaching too!
Our family's had a ball with it.

It's been a fun way to get out and see the area (we've done it locally and on vacation), and the mystery book-lovers in my family especially enjoy decoding the hidden messages.

We took the Myers out with us a few weeks ago, and wouldn't you know that Morgan got a hold of the GPS and would NOT give it back!! I think he's hooked.

We should go hunting together sometime.

Janine said...

Sounds interesting. I will look at the internet sites!!

Pyrose said...

Yeah, I go geocaching, but you knew that already. haha It was so much fun going with you guys. Can't wait to go again. With fall fast approaching this is perfect gorgeous weather for it.