Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Oh, how glorious was Jonathan and Johanna's wedding! Such a handsome groom and lovely bride. It was a joy to watch these special people pledge their love and commitment to God and to each other. How sweet to see two people who have waited for just the right one follow God's plan. Thank you, Jesus!

And the beautiful bride gave me the pleasure of making her jewelry for the special day. Thank you, Johanna. It was such a blessing to me to see you wear it.

I made a special pendant that is two hearts joined together. At first it was at the front of the necklace. But after trying it on, Johanna and her mom thought it might look good in the back. So, I reworked the necklace to include a pearl drop in the front and made the pendant to be a removable pendant in the back. What a wonderful idea! I am thrilled with the result. As Johanna stood at the front of the church, it looked fabulous through her veil. Then, later when she removed the veil, there was the pendant!

So many women wear their hair up for their weddings. I must say that I think Johanna and Ramona had a wonderful idea. I may have to start a bridal line of jewelry!

I can't believe that the wedding is over. It seemed to happen so fast. But, the journey of their marriage has just begun. I pray that God will richly bless them with love, joy, and peace. I pray that they will be used in a mighty way to spread the love of Jesus.

The journey begins!


Anonymous said...

I do think this would be a great piece to offer brides with any customizing they ask. (Original pieces for a special time).It was even more glorious in person. The jewelry sparkled as much as the couple.

Heather said...

OH MY WHAT GORGEOUS PICTURES!!! I love them! WOW! And the jewlery is so beautiful. I am in awe! I do not know how you do it .. but you have an amazing talent. I think you should come out with a bridal line. It was so elegant and so unique!

thank you for your sweet comments. It is always such a pleasure hearing from you. do you mind if I link you??

Kelli said...

What beautiful pictures!!! How wonderful that you were able to make her special jewelry for that special day.

Janine said...

The necklace is just beautiful Janine.Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Anonymous said...

The 2 hearts are just so perfect - very beautiful!

Ashley Eiler said...

thanks for reading my blog...eilerfamily...take care and i will follow you as well!!

Kate said...

That is gorgeous! I definitely think you should make a bridal line. Jewelry is something that all brides have! It was so nice to see you recently. I hope we can get together soon.