Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I found a book of Vintage Christmas cards. These girls called out saying they wanted to be on the side of a handbag! I had heard of printable fabric, but had never tried it. It works great! It is actual fabric that works in an inkjet printer. Amazing! I had also never appliqued, but decided to try that too. Used fusible web and satin stitch with metallic thread. This project was a stretch for me with so many new techniques! But the sales lady at Patches (Mt Airy) was so helpful. I think her advice saved me from disaster in many instances. I still need to go and show her the finished product.

Look at the fabric that I used for the lining. It is absolutely gorgeous. What a sweet surprise when you open the bag! I made a label for inside the bag too. Just having fun!

Now I am really festive, every time I leave the house with my handbag. Such a wonderful time of year....remembering how much God loves us! So much that He left heaven to come as a baby to a poor couple. All so that He could show His infinite love by dying on the cross for us. What an absolutely amazing thought! Thank you, Jesus!

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Erin said...

It was such fun to investigate all your bags with you the other night.
I'm sure Matt thinks I'm looney, but that kind of thing floats my boat. :)

"Making things keeps me sane"- words to live by. Heh heh.

Your faithful blog reader, Erin