Saturday, December 6, 2008

Speculaas Cookies

Lovely, lovely cookies! Thanksgiving weekend we went to a craft show and a man was selling these cookie molds. They came with a recipe for Springerle cookies, which I had never heard of. But I was fascinated and just had to try it.

Well, the recipe calls for oil of anise, which I can't find anywhere. So I ordered it online at a really cool site that has these molds. But in the meantime, I found another recipe that uses these molds and it's called Speculaas. I modified the recipe slightly. Used nutmeg instead of mace and orange peel instead of lemon.

Speculaas originated in Holland, which is where my ancestors are from. So, making these really seemed special. And then I read more about them online and found out that they are traditionally eaten during the Feast of Saint Nicholas, which, get this, is on December 6th! I actually made the cookies on the right day! That just made the whole experience even more fun. And we all really like the flavor too!

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