Monday, March 30, 2009

Daylily Pendants

I have a dear friend, Chris, who loves daylilies! It is such a joy to watch her speak of them. Her eyes sparkle and she gets so animated. And her daylilies are beautiful! Last year I enjoyed strolling through her garden and admiring the precious flowers that God created and she tended. I decided to capture daylilies in a pendant. But I couldn't do it in one. I made two, but even so, I think this is a concept that I could explore for a very long time! Such beauty in those flowers!

She described her daylilies like this, "Adam Eaton is a creamy white that sparkles with 'diamond dust' when the sun hits it. And Derrick Carr is a purple so rich and deep it is almost black." The pendant shapes signify a petal from a daylily.

In the first pendant, which I named Daylily Delight, I chose to use gold-filled wire swirls and the sparkly gold-filled bead to represent the diamond dust. There are some daylilies that have lovely creamy petals that become purple and then yellow inside called Doodle Bug. I included a black pearl bead to represent the dark ends of the stamens and a green crystal for the leaves of the plants. The Sterling has a beautiful patina that makes this pendant look like an antique treasure. The gold-filled wire is bright and sparkly. Amethyst, Pearl, Swarovski crytals and pearls, Gold-filled beads and wire, and Sterling Silver wire and bail. 52mm long. Item # 1219 $105

The second pendant, Divine Daylily, was inspired by another of my friend's daylilies called Derrick Carr. This divine pendant features deep garnets and onyx. Crystals too, so it is very sparkly. This is a dense 3-dimensional pendant that looks very rich. Garnets, Onyx, Pearls, Swarovski crystals and pearls, Sterling Silver. 45mm long. Item # 1218 $98

These are photos of Chris' daylilies. Aren't they gorgeous? I can't wait to see them this year. And, of course, I really love to see her too!!

Thanks, Chris, for the inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

I'm saving up for Divine Daylily as well. I think it is absolutely stunning! Ursula