Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family Bracelet

What a lovely way to celebrate a family. This bracelet features large (8mm) Swarovski crystals for each family member's birth month. Gorgeous Sterling silver beads and 14K Gold-filled beads make up the rest of the bracelet. The toggle is a heart to show the love you feel for the family. Complete with a "Family" charm and a hand stamped Gentle Spirit Creations tag.

These bracelets make great gifts for those special women in our lives. But it's also a wonderful way to celebrate our own families. I love wearing mine. I included crystals to represent Matt and me, as well as our boys, in my bracelet.

This design shows 5 birthstone crystals. Designs will vary for each family. Will need wrist measurement. Please allow 4 weeks for special orders. Item # 1189 $125

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Anonymous said...

Did you take a picture of the family bracelet that you custom made for me? I love it so much and it matches everything, even if it didn't I wouldn't care because it is my "family" bracelet. All of the boys have enjoyed looking at their stone, turning it, seeing it in different light. My pearl, I think he feels just a wee bit more special, and that's what I call him now. Thanks so much Janine for the beautiful jewelry and the inspiration. Ursula