Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild Safari Bag

I'm ready to go on a safari! Well, at least I have a stylish bag for it. I fell in love with this fabric. I used to keep a nature journal and this fabric looks like a journal from a safari. Can you imagine what it must be like to go on a safari and see these majestic animals in their natural habitat?

And I used to have a bag when I was a teen that was a basic canvas bag with a large giraffe printed on it. I loved and used that bag until it needed to be thrown away! So, I really enjoyed using the giraffe print fabric too. The lining fabric has lots of giraffes on it.

This is yet another different pattern. It has the drawstring effect as a design element, but the real closure method is a magnetic snap. I had to learn to install eyelets. Matt helped me figure it out. Took quite awhile to install all 24 of them, but it was worth the effect.

I was hoping to find a giraffe charm to embellish with, but couldn't find any. But isn't that a great elephant? I wanted to do more embellishments, maybe some Swarovski crystals, but they just didn't seem to go. Sometimes I just have to leave well enough alone.

So, what do you think, too wild?


Rebecca said...

LOVE it! I really want a bag! I have this run-down tote bag that I got at Macy's in NY a few years ago and it's so boring and generic. I'd love something that is my personality..
One of these days...
Didn't I say that before??

Terry said...

You did a terrific job on this bag. I really love it. Did you design the bag pattern? I'd love to have it. Thanks for any information

Janine said...

Thanks, Rebecca and Terry! It is so much fun to have a bag that reflects your personality. Some day, Rebecca!

Terry, the pattern is a Susan Rose Design. It's called Sweet N Sassy. I bought the pattern at Henrietta's. Here's the link:

azile44 said...

Never too wild; I love the Elephant Head can I ask did you make him; I love and collect elephants so look forward to your reply